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Book Cover: How to Surive Your Abusive Employees. A Manual for Management

How To Survive Your
Abusive Employees

A Manual For Management

ISBN 0-9701770-0-3


Never accept responsibility for your errors, blame someone else, and lie till you die.

The new ethics.



Illegal, unethical and irresponsible employee behavior is a multifaceted organizational problem. When similar behavior is manifested, it is often described as fraud, theft, embezzlement, corruption or white-collar crime. That's the legal context. Unethical behavior can concurrently find moral and legal linkage. Irresponsible behavior runs from careless inattention to blatant illicit actions; it has become a national quagmire.


Preventing, deterring and detecting such behavior and responding appropriately upon discovery has become a significant concern for the managers of America's commercial interests, and for those individuals who run our societal and governmental institutions. In each venue, abusive employee behavior is a costly and intricate issue demanding careful management attention and various remedies. 


This manual connects the practical and philosophical aspects of planning for, producing and operating a successful loss prevention program. This resource will take you from start to finish. From the recognition of a problem to determination-of-need and program design; from program implementation through maintenance.


This book on Strategic risk-management planning, strategies and solutions is a guide for those starting a program from scratch or for those who wish to enhance an existing one. The intent is to provide information that will provide a framework for success if correctly used and applied.


This manual is out of print. Check your local library or at Amazon for a used copy.


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