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Risk Management Strategies

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Exposed are the hidden risks in litigation that trial lawyers don't want you to know. Provided are easy to use fix it checklists, methods, and cost-effective solutions. And lots of free guidance and reports in PDF formats.
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Strategic Planning - Risk-Management Strategies in Business.
Executive Managemet Meeting on Risk-Management Solutions

Turn vulnerabilities into a strength.


Learn Team Risk Management Strategies. Gain the Power to Mitigate Legal Risks and Liabilities.

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What Are Risk Management Strategies?
The process of identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to an organization's capital and earnings. Threats or risks can arise from a matrix of exposures including, but not limited to, financial issues, legal liabilities, management errors, accidents, and natural disasters. Risk Management Strategies are developed to manage risks and mitigate potential negative consequences. To that end, an organization may use a combination of tactics including, but not limited to, minimization, elimination, risk assumption, risk avoidance, risk retention, risk transfer or any other strategy or combination of strategies that will aid in effective management of the exposures.

Experienced Guidance From The Trenches of The Real World.


Among other senior executive assignments, Mr. Blount served as the chief security officer for a major Florida Corporation.  He was a direct report to the CEO and functioned at the policy-making level for twenty years.


In addition to the principal responsibilities of a chief security officer, he served on the insurance committee, conducted civil and criminal investigations, coordinated with insurance adjusters, defense attorneys and represented the company at civil trials. He is familiar with the risk management process and how to minimize legal risks. Mr. Blount is a Certified Fraud Examiner (Ret).


Once problematic issues were recognized he developed strategies that avoided or mitigated the probability of a catastrophic loss due to internal or external process vulnerabilities and failures. He has developed risk management assessments, risk management plans, and risk management mitigation strategies.


He writes about what he knows in a credible, practical, non-theoretical way. The tutorials are trustworthy, the solutions proposed are cost-effective, easy to follow and use. These are effective risk management solutions for small-medium and non-profit businesses. 


Comprehensive risk management progrms, process and mitigtion of sanctions
Risk management strategies. How to avoid a catastrophic loss in a lawsuit. Comprehensive employee pre-depositon preparation.
Risk management strategies and process. Effectively develop a corporate comliance program; eighteen essential elements disclosed. Boost th probability of compliance with Federal Guidelines.
Risk management process. Comprehensive analysis of workplace substance abuse; how to effectively manage the issue and mitigate the risk of a lawsuit. A detailed checklist on how to legally establish and docment reasonable suspicion justifying an on-demand drug test.

Risk Management Process Weaknesses.


Insider exposed, practical, need to know risk management process Information that may be contrary to many assumptions often made by management. For example: assumptions about the thoroughness of process functions in resolving regulatory, compliance and legal defense issues.


Learn about these flawed assumptions. Assumptions related to internal and external process weaknesses. Weaknesses that you may believe do not exist. Weakness' that are inherent, but hidden, in four standard risk management practices. 


Small, Medium & Non-Profit Business Problems & Solutions.


Learn how to unlock these hidden legal threats and liabilities and how to use the trusted solutions provided. These vulnerabilities are not discovered in commonly used workplace risk-assessments.


Therefore, too often process weaknesses go unrecognized and unmitigated. Thus, exposing your business to a potentially catastrophic loss when they occur. 


How To Manage Risk Management Strategies.


Learn how to identify, avoid, and mitigate these hidden risk management vulnerabilities. Eliminate negative emotional impacts. Trusted solutions provided. Utilize any one or all four of the educational resources provided below as part of your risk management solutions, plans, and mitigation strategies.


In this series of tutorials, a collection of critical internal and external enterprise risk management vulnerabilities are disclosed and strategic management mitigation strategies proposed; tested, and trusted solutions.


Objectives of Risk Management Strategies.


Apply this knowledge in the development of both pre and post-incident risk management plans and strategies. Strengthen your risk management process in defensive regulatory and compliance program preparations and lawsuit responses. 


Utilize practical risk management solutions, plans, and checklists. Give yourself an advantage when there is an internal or external occurrence that mandates a defensive response.


Small and Medium Size Enterprises are At Greatest Risk!


Globally, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 60% of private-sector employment. The importance of SMEs to global jobs, economic stability, and growth are vital.


Conversely, deficiencies in risk-management strategies among SMEs are systemic and negatively impact the positives; too often loss prevention solutions are minimal.


Generic weaknesses in minimal risk-management strategies and process intensify the exposure to harm. So, formal, risk-management knowledge and mitigation strategies are essential.  


Risk Assessment and Mitigation.

[23 critical components. 100 plus checklists. Sample compliance program]


Learn the depth and negative financial, personal, and societal impacts of Occupational Crime (white-collar crime) on American private and public sector organizations and American lives. Exposed: your organization can be criminally charged for the acts of an employee. 


  • Learn the depth and scope of the Sentencing Reform Act of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 and subsequent modifications including the United States Sentencing Commission, Sentencing of Organizations, Culpability Scores, and creation of Compliance Programs. Develop a plan to mitigate Federal sanctions.


  • Learn the hidden vulnerabilities existing in your organizations' compliance program and ways to mitigate the risks.


  • Learn the seven elements of an effective compliance program. 


  • Know the U. S. Sentencing Guidelines and how to mitigate court-imposed sanctions via earned credits defined in Chapter Eight, Culpability Score.


  • Gain critical knowledge and stop the assumptions. Suppress white-collar crime. Sample policies and procedures provided.


Learn How to prepare for a deposition. Exposed are the hidden vulnerabilities in the pre-deposition preparation of an employee witness and how to ensure the deficiency is corrected. Yes, they exist. Believe and plan for success.


  • Learn the potentially disastrous consequences an organization is presented with the testimony of an underprepared witness.


  • Don't fall victim to a lack of knowledge or faulty assumptions about defense attorney witness pre-deposition and trial preparation; anticipate weakness.


  • Free, two PDF instructional guides:  (1) General Witness Instructions, Things To Remember (13 pages), and (2) Plaintiffs Lawyers - A Secret Exposed. What They Don't Want You To Know (14 pages).


Learn how to develop a corporate compliance program including the essential elements. Mitigate common vulnerabilities and boost the probability of compliance with the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Sentencing of Organizations Sentencing Guidelines.


  • Answers the question, what is a compliance program?


  • Thirteen essential elements are detailed. 


Learn that workplace substance (drug) abuse is systemic, costly, and fraught with legal vulnerabilities that result in disruptions, time-consuming and expensive lawsuits. A free PDF 9-page quick reference guide for management and supervision: Drugs, Death, and Costs, Workplace Substance Abuse.


  • Learn how to recognize and manage workplace substance (drug) abuse. How to establish reasonable suspicion before ordering an on-demand drug test.


  • Learn the U.S. Supreme Court's definition of reasonable suspicion.


  • Learn the general behavior clues and warning signs for thirteen drugs.


  • Provided is a multi-page checklist on how to document and establish reasonable suspicion.


Insurance Policies Have Limits; Juries Don't!

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Strategic Intelligence: Risk Management Solutions. Comprehensive analysis of compliance programs, occpational (white collar) crime its deterrence, investigation and reporting in compliance with federal guidelines.
Risk Management Strategies and process. Effectively develop a corporate compliance program; eighteen essential elements disclosed. Boost the probility of compliance with Federal Guidelines.
Enterprise Risk Management; effectively prepare an employee for a legal deposition. Learn what trial lawyers don't want you to know. Comprehensive checklists; mitigate the potential for a catastrophic loss.

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Strategic Intelligence: Risk Management Solutions. Comprehensive analysis of crime in public schools and how to improve student and staff safety and police relationships.
Strategic Intelligence: Risk Management solutions. How to survive internal corrpution and abusive employee behaviors. Comprehensive analysis of occupational crime and abuse and detailed methods on how to mitigate losses.
Risk Management Process. Comprehensive analysis of workplace substance abuse, how to effectively manage the issue and mitigate the risk of a lawsuit. A detailed checklist on how to establish and document reasonable suspicion justifying the on demand drug test.

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