Death Is A Window

Mr. Blount's First Novel. A Jake Cade Thriller.


It was sizzling hot in Palm Beach that July; tropical humid, Pina-Colada sweet and laid-back hot. For the locals, it was hang-time. Then things got intense. Savagely intense! Paradise shattered by the brutal murders of three student nurses. Their nude, mutilated bodies crudely dumped on the grounds of a prestigious teaching hospital. Betsy, the girl with a secret life, was last.


For a Sheriff's investigator, it's a deadly race wherein nightmarish, tail spinning entanglements arise aiding or frustrating his investigation; all produce life-changing shifts for him, sweet Jenny, and a lesbian ex-wife. Raw human frailties and emotions are exposed. 


The search for a cunning homicidal maniac unravels in a convoluted web of brutally raw twists, dark secrets, evil intimacies and graphic you-are-there forensic detail. 


Customers Reviews: stars on Amazon


"This is one authentic, shocking and horrifying great read. This story was so riveting because of its AUTHENTICITY. The depth of the Author's Extraordinary storytelling talent can only come from a life in law enforcement coupled with a wildly creative imagination inclined to shock and horror. The two adversaries were portrayed so vividly I either wanted to keep turning the pages or I wanted to snap the book shut because it was too disturbing to contemplate. I am a native resident of the location of the story and for me, the book had such a realistic and hair-raising edge as I imagined the residential areas, the beaches, hospital, college, and dormitory matching real places and buildings. A great read and a Five Star rating from this reader. I look forward to the next Jake Cade case..."


Ricky Cobb


"The depth of character development is rivaled only by the Cromwell's, Clancy's, Cussler's and Baldacci's of the literary world. The characters are fantastic. The book takes you inside the investigation into the depraved real world that surrounds us. From the very beginning, the suspense builds until you receive the one final twist that you did not see coming. The story has nuances that truly enhance the read. This is a very compelling novel from the beginning to the end. Enjoyed the ride very much. Cannot wait for the next novel."


Reynolds Cochrane, CPA, P.F.S.


"Yes, Death is a Window; A window into the seamy underbelly of the humid, hidden secrets of a tropical paradise that is Palm Beach County. Mr. Blount, as a retired police chief and former detective sergeant with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department, has managed to express both his love of his native state and the harsh realities of what cops see and learn, and what they hope that the tourists who flock here never will. "Death is a Window" exposes the tormented psyche of those who do evil and the equally tormented psyche of those who must internalize evil in order to fight it. This is a gripping and chilling read. The characters will stay with you long after the last page has been turned and the last words have been read.


Bonnie Burnet, Author


"An intense and detailed account of a bizarre murder mystery with well-developed characters. I felt as though I was there, in person, witnessing the events and the unfolding of the story. Both captivating and gruesome. All of my emotions were in play while reading this brilliantly written novel. Bravo!


Valarie Crane


"Only from the experiences of a grizzled ex-homicide detective and police chief can come such a gritty, compelling, non-stop page turning, in your face crime story that draws the reader into parallel worlds of a truly honorable detective who has been pushed to the brink of all reason to grapple with a mystery and a truly evil serial killer, who too, has long since departed from the brink of reason."


Steve Mellion

Nursing Home Administrator


"I don't read much crime fiction. But I believe that I will be reading a lot more if they are like this book. The scene setting is familiar to me as I am a retired police captain from the next county below the one in the text. So, I recognize the police procedures and the environment. The book makes me want to meet the characters. This is fast-paced with many interesting twists that are not anticipated by a reader. Dead on is the police interaction and action. Like many cops, I can imagine the kind of book that I'd write of my many experiences. However, I see that this writing is so paramount in plot, pace, intrigue & interest that few writers can accomplish somethin' kin to this great book."


Steve Bias

Security Consultant and Litigation Support


"Death is Window is an absolute page turner! Once you start reading you won't be able to stop. Blount has done an excellent job vividly describing characters that will totally inspire you. Of course, those are the good characters. His description of the bad characters will disgust you. The story is written with sophisticated clarity about police investigations that can only be told by a person who's "been there and done that" many times over as I'm certain Mr. Blount has. I sent immediate recommendations to my friends as soon as I finished.  From the start I recommend you buckle up and hold on. It's a catapult shot into intrigue and drama. 5 star Plus!!!!!.


Russel Burnup

U.S Navy aircraft carrier fighter and commercial airline pilot


"Death is a Window is a fascinating read. The author excels!"


Dr. Gary Weiner