A beautiful heartfelt presention of music and words.
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There Was A Time

A beautiful, heartfelt presentation of music and words that share the emotions of a sleepless mother remembering the life of a son killed in military action.

There Was A Time: The Reasons Why.

 As an American, and a military veteran, I have an emotional connection to other veterans, their families, and to our country. I'm proud to have served and of those who have honorably served as well. I make no apologies for that emotional attachment; those roots grow deep.


From the days of our country's founding, till today, American blood has stained fields and beaches, domestically and globally, while seeking the preservation of freedom for ourselves and others. The price of freedom suffers a high cost. Veteran cemeteries, traumatic emotional and physical injuries bear witness to that cost and the sacrifices made by our veterans answering the call to duty.


There Was A Time, is my way of sharing the emotions of the love of those who are left behind by those who gave all, and in support of those who gave some, and in remembering my brother Frank Richard Blount who gave all. Music and spoken words.


God bless those men and women who voluntarily carry our flag and bare the arms of our country as they run to the sounds of gunfire and screams for help.




The words and voice are mine.


The background piano music is that of Nicolas Gasparini who is known as Myuu. He is a classically trained pianist. The song is titled Home. Mr. Gasparini composed and plays the song. My use is licensed by Mr. Gasparini via Creative Commons. 


The female voice you occasionally hear in the background is that of my niece, songwriter and recording artist, Lindsey Blount.


My brothers, Glen and David along with my nephew Kyle Arrington made up my production team. Couldn't have done it without them. My brothers have experience in music production. Kyle is a professional screenwriter based in Los Angles. 


There Was A Time, was recorded at Saturn Sound Studios, West Palm Beach, Florida, February 2018. The production engineer was Robert Norris. 


The cover design is the artwork of Dan Renderon of Renderon Broadcast Design an award-winning design and branding firm. The firm specializes in TV Broadcast branding and network identity. 


My thanks and sincere appreciation to all.


E. C. Blount